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Biocleaning Project

Bio-remediation of heavy metals

This third project may be circumscribed into the area of environmental bio-remediation, an area that has been consolidating itself as a valuable alternative due to its sustainability and high respect for the environment. This technology allows modifications on the oxidation state of metallic waste for its subsequent detoxification. Remediation permits alterations on the oxidation state of heavy metals, modifying their solubility and favoring the implementation of strategies resulting in precipitation, removal, volatilization of this sort of metals, or in the formation of less toxic compounds.

There is a requirement to consider toxicity studies of metals on microorganisms and their effects on biodegradation of organic contaminants, as well as studies on the process of “internalization” and interaction with cellular components. In conjunction with the advantages that nano-materials offer, it will be feasible to develop bio-filters, bio-reactors, bio-sensors, and systems with the ability to generate energy from processes involving bio- remediation.