CBN-W1 2016

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Environment and Energy:

Challenges and Opportunities from Bio and Nanotechnology

Bogotá, Colombia, March 9-10, 2016

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

Auditorio Félix Restrepo


The International Workshop CBN-W1 is one of the two conferences scheduled for the second phase of the Bio-Nano Convergence Network initiative. The objectives of this first Workshop are as follows:

  1. To establish a reference framework for the execution of Phase 2, whereby energy challenges and environmental problems within FEALAC countries may be addressed from a nano/bio technology perspective.
  2. To introduce and discuss action plans to be applied on the formulation of projects, including consideration to possible sources of financing, and the scope, treatment and participation of each member country within the different projects.


Wednesday, March 9

8.30 A.M. Reception of participants
9:00 A.M.Registration Opening
Opening remarks by special guests
Introduction of the Bio-Nano Convergence Network Initiative
10:45 A.M.Coffee Break
11:15 A.M.Opening Conference:
The global water problem of contamination by heavy metals:
Challenges and opportunities from bio/nano technology
12:15 P.M.Break
2:00 P.M.Experts Panel: Detection, measurement and nanoremediation
of heavy metals in water
4:00 P.M.Coffee Break
4:30 P.M.Expert Panel: Bioremediation and biorefinery
6:15 P.M.Closure first day
Provisional workshop program

Thursday, March 10

Working Group Sessions
8:00 A.M.Sessions opening
8:30 A.M.First session
10:00 A.M.Coffee Break
10:30 A.M.Second session
12:00 MResults and Action Plan
1:00 P.M.Closure second day

First Session -Breakdown

Session Number:01
Session TitleAction points for projects
Session TipeWorkshop
VenueMeeting rooms assigned at he Félix Restrepo auditorium
Number of Groups4
DescriptionPresentation of action points for projects.
Review and discussion of technical recomendations

Second Session -Breakdown

Session Number:02
Session Title:Methodology for project development
Session Type:Workshop
Venue:Meeting rooms assigned at the Felix Restrepo auditorium
Number of Groups4
DescriptionMethodology to be applied on the formulation of projects.
Election of IPs for each project in line with the methodology agreed.
Consideration on possible sources of financing. Schedule, allocation of responsibilities and tasks.

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