Bioenergy Project


The biorefinery offers an important opportunity to address the energy challenge with a high value of sustainability and environmental commitment, in addition to the valuable contributions in biomaterials for use, among others, in remediation of heavy metals. Remediation and energy production can be framed within a holistic context, which establishes optimal balance between results and impact caused on the environment and living things.

  • The project should focus on areas of common interest and pursuit of complementary efforts, considering the capabilities and experiences in research and development of the participating countries.
  • It was agreed to consider the following definition of biomass for progress in the formulation of the project: “Organic matter of vegetable or animal origin, including waste and organic waste, which could be exploited for the development of value-added products“.
  • As possible areas of biorefineries application were defined the following: food safety, health (including medical sciences researchers), energy and environment.
  • To focus efforts on sustainable use of waste.
  • To entail the business/industrial sector in the project.
  • To establish agreements on intellectual property.
  • To make better actions aiming at environmental remediation (bioremediation based and waste management).
  • The scientific and technical committee shall conduct a survey and analysis of information on funding sources for the project. To explore the possibility of managing financial resources at the level of foreign ministries.